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Shoko Nakamura

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Nakamura was born in Saga Prefecture, Japan. She started ballet at the age of 6.
1986-1996: Studied at Riko Nomura Ballet before moving onto Chikako Tanaka Ballet. 
1996-1998: Nakamura continued her training at the John Cranko School in Stuttgart, Germany.
1998-1999: She was a research student within the Stuttgart Ballet.
2000-2006: Joined Vienna Kunitachi Opera Ballet, where she was promoted to associate soloist in 2001 and then promoted to soloist in 2002.
2006-2013: Joined the Berlin State Opera Ballet. Nakamura was promoted to soloist in 2006 and to principal in 2007.
2013-2014: As a principal, she joined the Hungarian State Opera Ballet.
2015-2020: Upon returning to Japan, Nakamura worked as a Guest Principal with K Ballet Company.
2020: Left K Ballet Company to become an Honorary Principal.

2023: Joined Japan Ballet Theatre as a Guest Principal.

Award History:

1996: Won the Lausanne Competition's Scholarship Award and TV Audience Award
2001: Won 1st place at the Luxembourg Competition, Germany
2016: Awarded the 66th Art Award Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award (Division), 47th Dance Critics Association Award
2020: 34th Chieko Hattori Award Winner

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